Good soaps, inspired by good blokes!

Bloke Soaps Hands On Peppermint Bar Soap

I have always loved varieties of soap and skincare, my father, brother and I share this passion, I guess it’s a genetic passion for good quality soaps!

I attended a wedding in Thailand a number of years ago and in my hotel was this amazing handmade soap. I asked the locals where it was made and after visiting a soap shop in Koh Samui with all these amazing handmade soaps, I decided to put my own Aussie spin on soaps for the soap lovers in Australia.

My plan is to create my own varieties based on personalities of different blokes, 3 being my favourite number I have released 3 varieties to market and will either expand the range or product offering depending on the market reaction.

The soaps are all hand made on the South Coast of NSW,  while the soaps are named Bloke Soaps it is important to note that this is the personality of each of the soaps which are inspired by different type of good blokes I have encountered over the years. Perfect for the Blokes and just as effective on the ladies.